St. Paul, MN – VivaQuant is celebrating eight years since its founding. In those eight years, VivaQuant is proud to have accomplished these significant milestones:

  • Established a successful ECG analysis services business that has processed thousands of ECG recordings in clinical and preclinical research studies of drugs and devices
  • Received two SBIR grant awards from the National Institutes of Health to support development of its MDSP technology in a very competitive environment
  • Developed an extraordinarily talented team of dedicated employees
  • Established an FDA QSR-compliant quality system to guide development of new products
  • Filed a 510(k) premarket notification for its HS-1 software
  • Received 15 patents from the USPTO with an additional 10 U.S. and International patents pending

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished in the past 8 years,” said Marina Brockway, PhD VivaQuant founder, MDSP inventor, and Chief Technology Officer.

“I feel fortunate to work with a team of such talented employees and enthusiastic customers. My dream of seeing our MDSP technology advance science, improve the safety of drugs and devices, and improve the lives of people is beginning to come true.”

About VivaQuant

VivaQuant provides hardware, software and embedded algorithms for processing ECGs as well as ECG data analysis services. Its Multi-Domain Signal Processing (MDSPTM) technology has been shown to remove 95% of noise from ambulatory ECGs while preserving fidelity, significantly reduce analysis and reporting labor, and greatly improve the accuracy of information extracted for diagnostic and cardiac safety purposes. The AE-1010 software has not been approved by the FDA or any other regulatory body for use in diagnosing or treating a disease.

For additional information visit, call (651) 383-2315, or email [email protected].