Instructions for Use

If your doctor provided you with the RX-1 mini to monitor your heart, congratulations! Your doctor has chosen the best, the Rhythm Express RX-1 mini.

Why has your doctor asked you to wear this monitor?

Your doctor wants to better understand your heart rhythm to better guide your care. The RX-1 mini you will wear continuously records the electrical activity of your heart. The heart activity your doctor is looking for is often short lived, sometimes lasting only a few seconds. It’s therefore important that you wear the monitor as much as possible, so your doctor receives the best information.

How does the device work?

The RX-1 mini checks for any abnormal heart rhythms. Data are securely transmitted to our monitoring center using a cellular communications chip located inside the device. Depending on how your doctor configured the RX-1 mini, our team of technicians in Dallas, Texas reviews the information 24/7/365 and provides a report to your doctor. All you need to do is wear the monitor!

Quick Start Instructions

RX-1 mini Quick Start Guide

For Complete Instructions

For a complete list of device use instructions, FAQs, and other important information, please review the Patient Use Guide which can be found at the link below:

Patient Use Guide

To speak live with a support representative, call 1-866-324-8783 or email [email protected]. Our support line is staffed 24/7/365 for your convenience.

If you received your device in the mail or by UPS:

  • Call 1-866-324-8783 for assistance with hookup.
  • Once your recording is done, return promptly using the shipping label provided.

The RX-1 is proudly manufactured in Arden Hills, MN USA by VivaQuant, Inc. Rhythm Express monitoring and support services are based in Dallas, TX USA.

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The RX-1 mini is not an emergency service.