The AE-1010 software provides powerful features and performance for fast, accurate, and efficient analysis and insightful reporting of ECG arrhythmias and intervals in pharmaceutical and medical device research

St. Paul, MN – VivaQuant Inc. announces the release of the AE-1010 Rhythm Express interval and arrhythmia ECG analysis software for cardiac rhythm research applications. AE-1010 is the successor to the highly successful AE-1000 software that drove strong growth in VivaQuant’s ECG analysis services business over the past two years. The AE-1010 software was developed under VivaQuant’s FDA QSR-compliant quality system and leverages VivaQuant’s proprietary noise-tolerant MultiDomain Signal Processing (MDSPTM) technology to improve arrhythmia detection and interval measurement accuracy as well as ECG readability.

“The unique features, performance, and efficiency provided by the Rhythm Express software are the primary enablers of the success we have experienced in our ECG analysis services business,” says Bob Brockway, head of ECG services operations.

“AE-1010 will further our ability to provide unmatched value and quality to our ECG services customers. Compared to AE-1000, AE-1010 provides improved arrhythmia detection performance, improved visualization and reporting tools for greater insight into cardiac arrhythmias and intervals, and even further reduction in interval measurement variability. AE-1010 is one more step forward toward our goal of providing fully automated analysis of arrhythmias.”

The patented MDSPTM technology employed by the Rhythm Express software eliminates 95% of noise while preserving signal fidelity and can automatically detect over ten common arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation. The software also provides innovative tools to facilitate rapid review and editing of automated results and can read 15 different file formats commonly used in clinical and preclinical research studies. In addition to being a key component of VivaQuant’s ECG data analysis services operations, the AE-1010 software is also available for license under a SaaS cloud-based subscription.

The AE-1010 software will further our ability to provide unmatched value and quality to our ECG services customers.

About VivaQuant

VivaQuant provides hardware, software and embedded algorithms for processing ECGs as well as ECG data analysis services. Its Multi-Domain Signal Processing (MDSPTM) technology has been shown to remove 95% of noise from ambulatory ECGs while preserving fidelity, significantly reduce analysis and reporting labor, and greatly improve the accuracy of information extracted for diagnostic and cardiac safety purposes. The AE-1010 software has not been approved by the FDA or any other regulatory body for use in diagnosing or treating a disease.

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