Agreement provides new ECG analysis options for Ponemah and Dataquest users.

St. Paul, MN – VivaQuant Inc. and Data Sciences International, Inc. (DSI) announce an agreement for VivaQuant’s Rhythm Express ECG Interval and Arrhythmia Analysis Software to support reading of DSI’s PonemahTM and DataquestTM data files. This arrangement allows researchers to use the unique VivaQuant algorithms on ECG signals acquired by DSI’s telemetry or wired acquisition technology. Ponemah is the most widely used system for collecting ECG data in preclinical studies, including for safety assessment of drugs and devices.

“I’m excited to strengthen our relationship with DSI,” said Bob Brockway, VivaQuant VP Marketing and Business Development. “DSI has long offered industry-leading solutions for collection and analysis of physiologic data. Adding complementary interval and arrhythmia analysis through our Rhythm Express software and related ECG analysis service offerings is a natural extension and a big win for our mutual customers.”

Eric Rieux, VP Sales & Marketing DSI adds, “While at DSI we offer complete end-to-end solutions to collect, analyze and report a wide range of physiological signals, we believe that researchers should have a choice of tools and providers. The collaboration with VivaQuant provides an additional analysis service option for researchers involved in cardiac physiology research and safety assessment.”

About Data Sciences International

DSI is an innovative biomedical research company enabling researchers to make scientific discoveries. DSI provides a complete platform to assess physiological data from pre-clinical models, from basic research, to drug discovery and drug development. Specifically, DSI is the preferred and leading provider of telemetry systems, pulmonary solutions, and associated software and services. DSI serves Academic Research, Pharmaceuticals, Contract Research Organizations, Biological and Chemical Defense, the Medical Device Industry and Biotechnology companies.

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About VivaQuant

VivaQuant provides ECG data analysis services as well as hardware, software and embedded algorithms for processing ECGs. Its Multi-Domain Signal Processing (MDSPTM) technology has been shown to remove 95% of noise from ambulatory ECGs while preserving fidelity, significantly reducing analysis and reporting labor, and greatly improve the accuracy of information extracted for diagnostic and cardiac safety purposes.

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