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Investing in VivaQuant

Silicon Prairie is hosting a web portal where you can review offering materials to contemplate an investment in VivaQuant Investors, LLC. You can access the portal by clicking the button or visiting the following webpage

At the bottom of the Silicon Prairie web page you will find another link asking you to set up an account.  You must set up an account to view additional investor details and to participate.  There is no charge to create an account on Silicon Prairie, nor does account creation commit you to moving ahead with an investment.

If you would prefer to discuss investment opportunity directly with VivaQuant, email Brian Brockway at [email protected]

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VivaQuant MNVest Portal

click this button to go to the MNVest Portal

What is a MNVest Portal?

Companies wanting to publicly solicit securities investments have historically been required to file extensive disclosure documents in order protect consumers from fraudulent business practices. This has made the cost of offering securities so expensive that companies can only afford to sell large amounts of securities to wealthy individuals and institutions.

Recently, the State of Minnesota enacted legislation that provides an opportunity to bypass the traditional investment system and enables anyone to benefit from investing in Minnesota businesses. VivaQuant is the first med-tech company to leverage this “democratization of investment” law by offering shares through Silicon Prairie Online.