Enhancing the diagnostic power of the electrocardiogram

About VivaQuant

VivaQuant is a digital health company providing cardiac arrhythmia monitoring services to clinics using our FDA-cleared RX-1 wearable device.

Our services help physicians provide high-quality of care for their patients while increasing clinic revenue up to 15-fold. Key to our unique capabilities is our wearable device that includes proprietary noise cancelling, efficient data compression, and artificial intelligence algorithms that result in high-clarity ECGs and reliable identification of arrhythmias. Our service facilitates fast and accurate arrhythmia diagnosis and summarizes findings in a report containing clinically actionable information in an easy to read format. Our system includes a cloud-based server and Medicare-certified monitoring center that provides 24/7/365 patient follow-up and reporting.

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Investment Opportunity

VivaQuant is seeking capital to fuel revenue growth. Invested capital will be combined with cash flows from operations to expand our sales force and operations, implement more efficiencies in our portal to reduce operating cost, and complete development of our 2nd generation wearable, the RX-2. VivaQuant is at an inflection point and poised for growth. Our technology is proven and our RX-1 device is cleared for marketing by the FDA. We plan to achieve profitability in 2021 with sales growing to about $45M in 2023.

VivaQuant is valued at about $15M. Minimum required investment is $1,500. The MNVest Portal offers the ability to fund your investment through your self-directed IRA via Alto IRA. This valuation represents about a 60% discount relative to $35M valuation computed from discounted cash flow and future EBITDA. We anticipate a liquidity event within 5 years and believe that investors will receive an annual rate of return of at least 25%. Based upon these assumptions, a $10,000 investment will return at least $20,000 if a liquidity event happens in 3 years.

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We are pursuing a $750M established market with advanced technology that provides a better and more cost-effective solution. Our competitive advantages are our patented technology (22 issued), trade secrets, highly experience team (more than 150 years of aggregate experience bring medtech products from concept to exit), and know-how that enables us to invent, develop, and commercialize a remote cardiac monitoring system uniquely suited to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias.

Although there are several firms offering arrhythmia monitoring services, none of them employs a wearable device that includes all of the critical requirements needed for a truly fast and accurate diagnosis. In fact, a recent study showed that even with the best technology available, no diagnosis is achieved in 39% of patients that undergo remote cardiac monitoring. Our RX-2 is well into development and we expect it to be the first product on the market that will provide real-time monitoring with a one-piece device (patient does not need to carry a repeater) in the form of a large band-aid adhered to the chest for a fast and accurate diagnosis.

RX-2 – the first wearable to meet all essential performance requirements for arrhythmia monitoring